Custom Design

Creating the perfect fit

Let us help you build your dream piece from the ground up. Whether it’s a custom engagement ring or turning unworn and broken items into your new favourite piece, we will assist you every step of the way.

Diamond Selection

The Four C’s


Clarity refers to the small markings within a diamond and indicates its rarity. A flawless diamond is most rare, and therefore most expensive.”


A well-cut diamond is what gives your stone its enviable shine. Cut too shallow or too deep, light will escape and diminish your sparkle.


We don’t often think of diamonds having colour but they do in fact range from icy white (colourless) to a light yellow. Comparing diamonds side-by-side is helpful in seeing the subtle difference in colour grade.

Carat (Size)

The final C is Carat and is an indicator of diamond weight and a key factor in determining value but not a stand-alone factor. All 4 C’s contribute to the quality and therefore cost of your stone.

Jewellery care

Tips to keep you sparkling

Once you have made an investment on a piece of jewelry it is important to invest some time into the care and maintenance of it. We provide in-house jewelry cleaning, as well we provide products for you to take home to be able to keep your pieces looking beautiful every day.